Our Story

“Once upon a time in the 18th century a Milk Shake called “Happy” was born in the United States.Over time and with the utmost care he became the most perfect Shake icon in his Shake kingdom and inspired the birth of millions of Milk Shakes.

With his new found success “Happy” wanted to spread his wings and introduce himself and his Shake family across the globe.

While on this journey “Happy” lost his way and got separated from his Shakes family. Over the centuries, “Happy” continued his journey across the world and never gave up hope of finding his family. One day “Happy” heard the amazing news that his family had found their way to India and he was on cloud nine “Happy” decided that he would settle down in India with his Shakes ancestors and renamed himself as “Tempteys.”

Tempteys, is a complete Shake Bar satisfying your sweet tooth ranging from Classic shakes to Premium and Exclusive Shakes. Our combination of shakes lined up from local fruits to international fruits, chocolates also with custom made brownies and cakes.

  We are motive to understand customer cravings, from time to time our shake artists and team constantly focus on introducing several other products in the beverage and dessert industry


With over 60 flavors to choose from, Tempteys has diversified its Shake Kingdom into wide variety of categories from Classics to Coffee and plans to expand from time to time.