Tempteys, is a complete Shake Bar satisfying your sweet tooth ranging from Classic shakes to Premium and Exclusive Shakes. Our combination of shakes lined up from local fruits to international fruits, chocolates also with custom made brownies and cakes.

To continue the authenticity of shakes and quench the thirst of milk shake lovers, our shake artists introduced ice cream bases called Gelato and Avalanche which are best suitable to make the perfect, and healthy thick shakes.With the in-house made ice cream, we churn to perfection and maintain low sugar levels of our ice cream.Products in “Tempteys” are the result of intense research by our passionate shake artists and dedicated team who carried out a year long R&D to create best product with low fat and delicious flavour. Hence Tempteys stand out to be the first Premium Shake Bar in India to use Gelato and Avalanche resulting in combinations of heavenly shakes.

Trending as “Let’s meet over a milkshake” tagline, we tend to create a perfectambience for a getaway with a sip of melting milkshakes. “Tempteys” offer peaceful and elegant atmosphere to the customers with a soothing colour combination to everyone irrespective of age, gender.With the growing market for ice cream and milk shakes across worldwide, we churn our gelato and Avalanche in authentic Italian making process and blend to the perfect state which results in Premi-Yumm shakes.

We are motive to understand customer cravings, from time to time our shake artists and team constantly focus on introducing several other products in the beverage and dessert industry.

Our Gelato and Yogurt bases are self-manufactured using advanced equipment & machinery

Raw Materials for every shake are of superior quality & are procured from Italy.

All our shakes contain real fruit and fruit pastes

Products are divided into different categories ranging from the good old Classic to Premium to Exclusive and even extends into health shakes for the health conscious.

Periodic quality checks and audits of raw materials, finished products, machinery & equipment and warehouse facilities to maintain the quality, consistency and integrity of the product.


Quality Wins over quantity.


Tempteys aim to become India’s first dedicated non-alcoholic beverage bar with premium quality and pocket friendly.


As Tempteys is all about the experience, our shake artists constantly work on crazy and innovative recipes from time to time.