Aesthetic Goodtimes

A mid-week crisis for a regular IT engineer or any corporate. And all you want to do is to feel relaxed, yet motivated to get along with the rest of the week.

Some extra motivation needed for them who are fitness enthusiasts; as generally the rest/cheat day happens to be on a Saturday/Sunday. And, by the time it reaches to a Wednesday, it feels like to reward yourself consciously for being into the fit class .

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That Food Diva

The store offers a variety of shakes, and the best part is that we have an option to customise them to a great extent. We can choose our pick of base- Gelato based (great for fruit based shakes) or Avalanche- yogurt based. After the base is picked out we can pretty much go ahead and choose the shake we desire. Another good thing is that the ice creams and the brownies that are used in the shakes are made in-house, hence the quality is assured.

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Mystical Foodies

Tempteys is a new kid on the block serving a huge variety of milk shakes. The menu is pretty impressive’ the details of ingredients ingredients are mentioned for every milkshake. Firstly, talking about the ambiance, it has a very youthful & vibrant ambiance and the entire store is colored in combination of Violet and White colors.

At Tempteys, the milkshakes are prepared basically using one of the two varieties of bases : Gelato-Base and Avalanche-Base.

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Gastro Hogger

No matter which kind of cuisine makes you love food more and cling on to it, “There’s is always room for desserts” and if that’s shakes & gelatos, you know you are going to be drolling. Hardly you find people who would say NO to cold desserts irrespective of age. 6 – 60 always bows down to it. Tempteys is an ambitious venture started with intention to serve natural gelato based Premium Yumm-licious shakes and gelato Shakes. Vouching on their natural ingredients, they are less than a month old newbie and striving to trend a unique name for themselves in a bit challenging but always exciting steam of food spots.

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Raghav Peddi- The Food Shukeen

Tempteys is a new outlet in the market of ice cream shakes. Located in the same lane of DLF, this place has a cool and refreshing ambience. Quickly into their menu, they have shakes with 2 options, Gelato based and Yogurt based. Both the variants are made in-house and milk is churned for about 9 hours to ensure that they have less fat content. They also have less content of sugar when compared to the ice creams that are available in the market.

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