Tempteys is one of the most talked about Thick shake industry in Hyderabad today. And that’s just the way we like it! People everywhere recognize the quality associated with our brand and are more likely to be repeat customers because of it

With absolutely no business experience required, you can join Tempteys family and take advantage of our experience. With our proven business model, you can start building a legacy to be proud of.

When you combine our business model, your passion, and a bit of hard work, you are sure to achieve success.



Location Assistance

We provide guidelines for the general terms of a lease agreement that are standard. Great support would include an on-site review by the franchisor of any proposed site and direct assistance in the negotiation and execution of the lease.


Operations Assistance

We provide detailed inventory metrics, which helps you to monitor the stock and better purchasing abilities. Our team will visit the store to perform a standard review, which allows us to monitor your progress, assess operations, and review the day-to-day activities and provide you a detailed review report so you can monitor your store’s progress as the business matures.


Marketing Assistance.

We have a full-time marketing staff that designs professional advertising pieces and in-store promotions, manages all aspects of social media, and handles web development to ensure that online presence is always available and professional


Training Assistance

The initial training will cover all the aspects associated with the operation of the business. These would include aspects of the business related to recruiting and retaining employees, and other record keeping. You will receive complete reference manuals or other written materials on the training provided to you. Will provide ongoing training to the staff for the new product introduced by the franchisor.


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